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Lab Bratz is visited by scientists, researchers and webcomic enthusiasts all over the world for their weekly humor fix.   If you have your own web comic or website, you can advertise as a sponsor our site and get up to a 125w x 31h button of your choice in our sponsor bar.   Commercial sponsors may prefer to advertise in the premium space at the top of the sponsor bar with a large 125w x 200h button ad.

TRAFFIC: We get 100-500 returning unique visitors per day, on average, and 1000-4000 page views per day.

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When you license Lab Bratz by the month, we can send you a direct link to the current Lab Bratz comic strip (or any previous strip of your choice) so that it appears in your newsletter.  If you would prefer, we can create a unique Lab Bratz strip featuring your corporate logo or identifying product for a one-time charge.

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Lab Bratz is hosted on Comic Genesis, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.

Lettering fonts are by Blambot.   Thanks to Nate Piekos!

Many of the balloon elements used are modified from Ninja Lettering.

Lab Bratz, all characters, stories and website are Edward Dunphy's and are protected under copyright law.