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Welcome to the Cast Page!

The Lab Bratz characters work in 2 biological research laboratories across the hall from each other.  The Chang Lab, rich with grant money, and the poor Ruby Lab -- barely able to pay the bills and cutting corners whenever possible.

The Chang Lab

Name: David Chang, PhD
Role: Principal Investigator (PI)

In his upper 40's, Professor Chang is the Donald Trump of science.  He always dresses well in the lab or office.  He hasn't done an experiment with his own hands in 20 years, but he's very sharp and knows all the science that goes on in his field.

Name: Mike Nanz
Role: Lab Manager

Nanz has been working in research labs for over 20 years and has seen it all.  Now he's only got 20 more until he can retire.

Name: Jason O'Grady
Role: Graduate Student

O'Grady (O.G. to his posse) is a suburban-raised scientific genius.  Opinionated and brash, he genuinely loves rap music and acts like an inner-city homeboy.  O’Grady plays basketball in his spare time.  Not that graduate students have a lot of spare time.

Name: Amber Dodds
Role: Lab Technician

In her early 20's, Dodds is intense and can be a bit acerbic.  She graduated from college last year and is wondering if she wants to stay in science for the long haul.

Name: Gooffry Maxwell
Role: Lab Technician

Maxie, as everybody calls him, is in his early 20's.  He's often silly, but everybody likes him.  Maxie is an eternal optimist, and plans to go to graduate school some day.

Name: Satish Pappadum
Role: Post-Doctoral Fellow

Satish was a medical doctor back home in India, but couldn’t get a medical license when he moved to the USA.  He's had to switch fields and now does medical research for Dr. Chang.

The Ruby Lab

Name: Alan Ruby, PhD
Role: Senior Scientist

Alan's a big kid.  He loves playing basketball, talking sports and drinking beers.  He's always been a dreamer, and though very intelligent, he doesn't always make the wisest decisions.  His research meanders and as a result, his grant funding has dried up.

Name: Lilith Dragovitch
Role: Lab Technician

Lilly (also called “The Vitch” behind her back) has been working in Alan's lab for several years.  Nobody's quite sure where, or if, she earned her college degree.

Name: Jared Hepp
Role: Undergraduate Student

Hepp’s a college student just out of high school.  This is Hepp’s first laboratory experience.  He’s shy, earnest and so far uncorrupted.  Alan hired Hepp as a cheap work-study student, but the fact that he's very tall means that Alan would have hired him just so that he could play basketball with the other Lab Bratz.

Name: Evonne Washington
Role: Post-Doctoral Fellow

Von has been a financially-strapped graduate student for a long time.  She is divorced, having spent too much time in the lab for the last few years.  Von is glad to be the new post-doc in the lab, but really wants a faculty position as soon as possible.

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